the guys from bad taste
the guys from bad taste


::: neoangin 2003 :::

Neoangin and novahuta finally record the curecoverversionssingle. nova huta replays the pieces tone by tone while Neoangin downloads the midifiles from the internet and modifies them. To stick to the spirit of the album the two musicians don black eyeliner and lipstick for the cover.

The Russian label Bad Taste invites Neoangin to Moscow to play several gigs. Simultaneously they want to release a Neoangin compilation on the Russian market. LET’S MEET UNDER THE TABLE is already released in February. Having heard plenty of stories involving Russia, robbers and revolvers Neoangin takes great caution and brings a bodyguard along from Berlin. Fortunately, latter turns out to be futile as a bodyguard but very useful as a drummer. From then on Chris is on board for every Russia tour.

Touring Finland with FELIX KUBIN and ANGIE REED. The tour leaves plenty of time for the musicians to become acquainted with the ever changing Finish landscape, the tango and the Finish melancholy, even though financially it doesn’t turn out to be so enticing. Neoangin get solace from an invitation to do an exhibit at the Finish Museum of Modern Art.

The first pressing of the curecoverssingle is sold out in a matter of days and a second pressing is needed. Real goths start showing up at the concerts and all they want to hear are Cure songs. Surprised by these unforeseen developments Nova Huta and Neoangin quickly take off the eyeliner and lipstick to get rid off the ghosts. There are no more pressings of the single which has since become a hot collector’s item.

On tour in England with VANISHING BREED.
Neoangin’s issues with England are re-confirmed: the pay is low, the beds full of bugs and the pubs close at 11 p.m. The last band playing usually has no more than 20 minutes playing time. In Bristol Neoangin protests this proposterous custom by only playing the first twenty seconds of each song.

Neoangin books Villa Kurella for new recording dates but nosedives with his new material, since he is simultaneously working on 2 books. He gets himself in the middle of an output-identity crisis. After one week he stops the recording sessions. He never publishes the pieces that were actually recorded.

Tetris musical in club eschloraque

Neo and nova go to Singapur and play at the birthday party of the local Goetheinstitut.

At the Christmas gala of the publishing company Verbrecherverlag at the Volksbühne in Berlin the invited artists get into such a huge fight backstage that the audience takes flight. Neoangin is last on the playing list, and by the time he hits the stage the theater is pretty much empty, and not even the most exhaulting monkey gymnastics cannot save the show.